Management Committee

Management Committee

It is only through the dedicated leadership of our Volunteer Management Committee that we continue to thrive as an organisation.

1 Zelda Portrait 3x4

Zelda Feigen OAM

Hon. Life President

Zelda has dedicated the greater part of her life to community work at the highest level. In 1998 to 2001 and again in 2005 Zelda was elected COA President, and in 2006 she was awarded an OAM for services to the community and became COA's Hon. Life President.

2 David Rosenwax 3x4

Dr David Rosenwax AM


Dr David Rosenwax has been a COA committee member, as both President and Vice President since 2002. He has been instrumental in encouraging younger supporters and is a committed leader and dedicated volunteer for COA and the Bondi Lions Club.



3 George Portrait3x4

George Freund

 Immediate Past President

George was a hands-on President and continues as a hands-on volunteer, helping with whatever is needed. He has been active in the Jewish community throughout his life. Full of great ideas, he has initiated new programs for younger seniors at COA including a series of talks in Karla's Cafe.


6 Peter Lewis 3x4

Peter Lewis

Hon. Treasurer

Since 2002 Peter has been giving his expertise to COA as Hon. Treasurer. He manages financial accounting for the entire organisation, and oversees all major financial initiatives. He is an indispensable part of COA.

7 Steven Jurke 3x4

Steven Jurke

Hon. Secretary

Steven has a long history in the community, and has been COA's Public Officer since 2012. He employs his accounting skills weekly to assist our Treasurer. In 2013 he joined the Management Committee in the role on Hon. Secretary.

4 Anne Butt 3x4

Anne Butt

Vice President

Anne volunteers in the community and every week feeds the homeless. She has been a hands-on committee member providing events catering,     and - as a registered nurse with an interest in aged care - provides valuable information for the benefit of our members.

5 Issy Gadd 3x4

Issy Gadd

Vice President

After a long career in Pharmacy in South Africa, Issy relocated to Sydney and found his way to COA as a volunteer. He has proved himself to be an invaluable in the office, assisting with major projects such as the changeover to Calamity personal security services. Issy joined the Management Committee in 2014 and brings solid business acumen to the Management Committee.

9 M Jassy 2 3x4

Michael Jassy

Committee Member

Michael is a working solicitor, and we are fortunate to have him as a board member. He is following the family tradition of COA having a member of the Jassy family on the Management Committee since 1983.

8 Edith Brutman 3x4

Edith Brutman

Committee Member

Edith is a long time friend and financial supporter. She has volunteered with us in the past and keeps COA's buses running smoothly. She is also President of the Alfred Dreyfus Unit of B'nai B'rith.

 10 Ilona Lee 3x4

 Ilona Lee AM

Committee Member

Ilona Lee AM has been involved in both the Jewish and general community for nearly 40 years. Most recently she was President of the Shalom Institute and a Governor of the JCA but has retired from both positions. Ilona is the current Chair of the Shalom Gamarada Indigenous Scholarship Program

By profession she is an educator and she worked in the tertiary education sector and health sector since her graduation from university.


 11 Ben Politzer 3x4

Ben Politzer

Committee Member

Ben has been a volunteer leader with the Scouts since the late 1970's and is now the District Commissioner for Scouting in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Ben was also one of the foundation members of the Dover Heights Shul. He is a hands on COA volunteer, working as our Bus Assistant for Wednesday activities.

 12 Richard-trayer 3x4

Richard Trayer

Committee Member

Richard was the official COA solicitor in our early years and worked directly with our founder Myer Kangan on the incorporation of COA. Richard brings a wealth of valuable legal experience to the Management Committee.

13 Roni V 3x4

Roni Vandor

Committee Member

Roni has been associated with the COA since the 1990's as both a volunteer and a staff member. She has an understanding of our clients and the inner working of COA, including its primary challenges. Roni is ideally placed to help COA move forward successfully.

14 Rosemary Stafford 3x4

Rosemary Stafford

Committee Member

Rosemary volunteers feeding the homeless every week and is now also volunteering at the B’nai B’rith charity shop. She is looking forward to helping on the COA committee and to carrying on the good work with the COA that was started by her family many years ago.