Birthday Girls – Sandy and Ruby

COA activities are often led by dedicated volunteers, and for the knitting group our key volunteer is Sandy Hotz. She claims she is only the leader because she has a loud voice, but we know it is much more than that!

Sandy has helped inspire a number of people to join the group and provides projects for them to complete for various other charity organisations. For example the group creates tiny caps and knitted tops for WIZO baby bundles, knitted dollies for children in hospital, and blankets for people in need. It is impossible not to be drawn to Sandy as she welcomes people into the group, cracks jokes, and helps newbies learn the  basics of knitting.

One of the people inspired by Sandy is the very creative Ruby Daws who is part of the Knitting Group, and COA Art Classes and has even created a dress or two for the COA’s “House of Schmattas” project. Ruby, who suffered polio as a child, does not let anything hold her back, and enjoys expressing herself through arts and crafts with COA, as well as joining us for special events.

But Sandy and Ruby share more than a love of knitting, they also share a birthday! So the knitting group threw them a lovely party in the first week of December with cakes and cards, and were joined by staff and volunteers wishing both a great year ahead.

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