Seniors struggling financially are about to receive help from the Federal Government.  As Australia tries to head off a Coronavirus-induced recession, pensioners will get an extra boost.

Here at COA Sydney we have heard from many of our members that they are struggling as a result of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.  Not because any of them have caught it (to our knowledge, none have!), but because it seems to have infected our supermarkets.   Shelves are bare and seniors are having a hard time getting the supplies they need.

To make matters worse, when products do hit the shelves, prices are inflated.  Toilet paper costs $1 per roll or more, and hand sanitiser (if you can find it) has more than doubled in price.

Putting aside how unethical this kind of profiteering is, suppliers, distributors, and stores are making money by hurting the most vulnerable in our community.  Those on pensions already cannot afford to stock up and generally live fortnight to fortnight.  Higher prices on staple foods like pasta, bread, and milk hit pensioners harder than any other group of Australians.

Where is the Federal Government in all of this?

Not sitting idly by.  The Federal Government has identified that pensioners are the ones most hurt by this situation and have announced they will step up to give pensioners a one-time cash payment to give them the extra help they need to get by during trying times.

What do you have to do to receive this boost to your pension? Absolutely nothing! It will automatically be added to an upcoming payment.

COA Sydney is always here to help those in distress.  We applaud the Australian Government stepping up to help our vulnerable pensioners.

The $750 one-off cash payment to welfare recipients will be received by 6.5 million Australians including those on the age pension, Family Tax Benefit, Youth Allowance, Newstart, Austudy, Disability Support, parenting, and carer payments. The money will be paid into your account automatically from March 31, 2020. 

For any additional support you need, please contact us and let us know!