Pensioners to Receive Extra Cash

COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus will impact vulnerable seniors most of all. The government is giving the pensioners, including age pensioners, a one-time cash payment of $750. Read more

Thank You Rabbi Berger for rallying volunteers for COA

When we needed volunteers urgently to replace our over 65 year old volunteers, Yanky Berger put out the call and we soon had enough people to deliver 500 boxes of fresh goods each week as well as Kosher Meals-on-Wheels which had increased dramatically due to the lockdown. Read more

Honouring Those Who Returned

A book produced in 2020 to honour COA Veterans. Read more

My Family's Roots

A journey of discovery - COA's CEO learns more about her family's history. Read more

Celebrating Pesach around the world

We are a huge world family and over hundreds of years our local customs have diverged, here are a small sample of Pesach customs from around the world Read more

The Leica Freedom Train

Leica is a leader in lenses, and has been for over 150 years, but very few people know of the special service the company did for Jews leaving Germany at the start of the Nazi regime. Read more