Celebrating Jewish Egyptian Culture

On Thursday 18th August COA hosted an unusual event at the Centre, organised in conjunction with Multicultural NSW, the Australian Egyptian Forum Council (AEFC), & Our Big Kitchen (OBK). Featuring MC Leon Goltsman, guest speaker Dr Racheline Barda, guest singer Mordechi Levin and a selection of limited  edition prints by Egyptian Jewish artist Camille Fox.

The event drew an interesting cross section of our community and some unexpected dignitaries such as Dr Patricia Jenkings, President of United Nations NSW.

The food from Our Big Kitchen arrived later than expected, although it was worth waiting for, and some dignitaries arrived later than expected, so with good humour and flexibility the line up of the event changed  throughout the night as people became available.

But even with all that going on the evening was a great success the music was lively, the speakers were  passionate and well versed in their subject, and the food was a delicious OBK take on a traditional Egyptian recipe. That is a trifecta which made for a very special event, hopefully the first of many to come.

Above: CEO Sabina Kovadlo with well known local artist Camille Fox, whose subject matter is often of Jewish life in Alexandria and Egypt.

Keynote Speaker Dr Racheline Barda PHD.

Multicultural NSW CEO Joseph LaPosta with CEO Sabina Kovadlo


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