Club COA is back after the High Holidays break

As we reach older ages of retirement, what are we all looking for?

  • Connection to our community peers to make new friends who share our cultural heritage?
  • Mental stimulation through game play, conversation and participation in group activities?
  • Maintaining physical fitness and balance?
  • Listening, singing along, and dancing to, live music?
  • Ways to fill our days with enjoyment and engagement?

All we can say  in response is ‘Welcome to Club COA” where mental stimulation, social interaction, exercise and entertainment are all on the menu, as is a kosher lunch to enjoy in company with your COA friends.

Our first Club COA after Rosh Hashanah was fantastic, and members were so pleased to see each other as   almost every Monday in October 2022 saw COA’s Centre doors closed for the Jewish High Holidays, and many of our people were missing their regular dose of COA camaraderie. At the first Club COA of the Jewish New Year we were privileged to have our good friends Len Mahemoff OAM and Shirley Politzer OAM come to entertain, playing both Jewish favorites and popular songs of bygone days. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable!

Never stay home alone when there is the option to laugh, enjoy, learn, grow, eat and play in good company! Look at our upcoming program on pages 6-9 of this newsletter. If you need transport to be able to attend please contact us to arrange a lift from your home to the Centre and back again.

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