Erring on the side of Optimism

As Al Pacino said in the Godfather “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in“. That’s how COVID has felt here at COA, as we come out of another lockdown and tentatively spread our wings, hoping against hope that this time we can fly free.

So we present our proposed program of events for September and October because we want to err on the side of optimism. We have great things planned for you all, but please be aware that if the Government declares further lockdowns the program will need to be abandoned until we can safely open our Centre doors again.

And we do hate closing our doors. What we offer in the Centre is so unique, driven by community spirit and genuine care, and when we are told we cannot provide our program of activities it affects everyone badly: staff, volunteers, and members. We all need that social connection and comradery, the variety of experience, and the strains of live music wafting from the hall.

So as you look through our program on pages 6-9 of this newsletter, plan to be at the events and activities you want to join, plan as if COVID were not a reality, and if we all play our parts — wear masks, remember to sanitise, limit visiting and outings, get vaccinated — we will beat this thing.

And if all fails and we are still asked to isolate in September and October, do not forget those COA services that thrive even in lockdown.

Free three month loan of a tablet, including paid sim card, internet access and loaded with video tutorials.

A free bag of groceries delivered weekly by COA volunteers across the Sydney basin.

Get a phone call daily, every few days, or every week from our dedicated volunteers.

Pick your meals from our menu, produced by some of Sydney’s finest Kosher caterers, and delivered to your home.

Choose right now to do the right thing for yourself by staying connected through COA services, and the right thing for our community by following all COVID restrictions as directed, so that one day the pandemic will be over with and we can all meet at COA once again.

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