COA’s Annual General Meeting

from Monday 29th May 2023 to Monday 26th June 2023

starting at 11am, at the COA Krygier Centre

All COA members are encouraged to attend 

The following items will be considered at this AGM:

  1. Confirmation of minutes from the last COA Annual General Meeting held 23rd May 2022
  2. Election of the President of COA
  3. Election of members of the Committee of Management
  4. Receive and consider the Financial Statements and Financial Report for 2022
  5. Any General Business. 

If you are a COA member and have an item for general business, please submit it in writing to the COA Honorary Secretary, Roni Vandor, within 14 days prior to the Meeting date.

If you cannot attend the AGM but would like someone to vote on your behalf in the elections for COA Committee of Management members please complete the Proxy Form, available here. If you would like to nominate a member in good standing to a position on the COA Committee of Management please complete the Nomination Form, available here. These forms must be submitted to the COA Honorary Secretary, Roni Vandor, within 7 days prior to the Meeting date.

Please note: If you have already submitted a Proxy Form for the original AGM date of Monday 29th May there is no requirement to compete another, as it's power extends to the adjourned date.