Farewell from David Nathan

It was August 2019 when I joined a vibrant group of people at COA. Each staff member was keen to excel in what they were doing and help others in whatever way they could. It was contagious.

Over the first 12 months I worked closely with Peter Lewis OAM, who was Treasurer and volunteer hands-on accountant at the time, and I owe him a big Thank You for mentoring me during the early months. I had joined with an intention to improve systems and the workflow in the financial area. After all, COA had received a special donation for hiring me and I felt obliged to produce value for money.

In 2020, we moved from manual bookkeeping to a computerised accounting system. In the same year, the first formal annual budget was constructed and included in all monthly reports to the Board. Monthly reports to the Board have become more sophisticated and more informative. COA was in great shape, in spite of the Pandemic, which fell upon us (in early 2020) with no prior notice!

COA continued to do well and even introduced new products and services, including “COA Fresh” which has become a big success. A big part of this success was the “army” of volunteers which has gathered to deliver the COA Fresh parcels. I was always fascinated by the great number of volunteers who supported COA. That number has significantly increased when COA Fresh was introduced. This enormous support is definitely a phenomenon to remember and appreciate.

During the past four years I have enjoyed working with each member of the team, interacting with volunteers and being part of the spirit that is so meaningful at COA. I am leaving COA with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I have made a contribution and added value.

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