Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact COA with your query please look through our Frequently Asked Questions and see if it contains the answer you are looking for:

Q: What does COA stand for?

We like to say “COA stands for Connections, Opportunities, Activities”, because that is what we provide for seniors. In actuality “COA Sydney” is our official name. This distinguishes us from other organisations or concepts which are recognised by the three letter acronym COA : ie “Centre on Ageing”, “Certificate of Authenticity”, “Chart of Accounts”, or NATO’s “Central Operating Authority”, just to name a few. 

Q: How is COA funded?

COA receives an annual grant from the Commonwealth Home Support Program and from JCA to support our Kosher Meals on Wheels and COA Fresh services. All our overheads and cost for activities provided at the COA Centre are funded by generous donations, bequests, and gifts in kind from members of the community and COA members.

Q: I have heard COA is closing its doors, is this true?

No! COA is still very much an active community organisation and will still operate form the COA Krygier Centre in Woollahra/ Bondi Junction. Our large group activities called Club COA on Monday and Wednesday, suitable for seniors of advanced age, will be moving to the Burger Centre from the 31st August, as will our Sunday Movies and Tuesday and Thursday Bus Outings. But all our other activities – Bridge, Tai Chi, Art, Knitting, U3A lectures – will remain at the COA Centre, as will our annual events such as Chanukah Party and our periodic events such as the Supper Club. We will also be adding new options for active seniors to enjoy, so watch this space! 

Q: Do you still need volunteers?

Yes! We are a volunteer-driven organisation. The more volunteers we have, the more services and help we can offer the seniors we love and care about. We are especially looking for volunteers who have a skill or craft which they would like to share on a weekly basis with other COA members, so if this is you please speak to one of our staff members today.

Q: I’m over 65 but I still feel too young for Kosher Meals on Wheels!

Age really is just a number!  We realise that many people over 65 are staying younger for longer.  You don’t have to order Kosher Meals on Wheels every week to enjoy them, though – consider ordering a few meals a month to keep in the freezer for a rainy day 

Q: I don’t keep strictly kosher – can I still get Kosher Meals on Wheels?

Yes!  We won’t ask you how “kosher” you are – that’s your private information – and we will never judge you. Plus, our meals are subsidised to make them a comparable price to other meals on wheels. 

Q: How old do I need to be to get Kosher Meals on Wheels?

65 years and up. However, if you’re younger and have a disability, or have been injured and are coming out of hospital, give us a call and we will do our best to help you!

Q What days and times are meals delivered?

Eastern Suburbs deliveries take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, from 8:30am – 11am,

North Shore deliveries take place on Thursday from 10am – 1pm

Inner City deliveries take place on Friday from 10am – 1pm

Q: How much do meals cost?

The price of meals varies if you are a pensioner, a part-pensioner, or a non-pensioner, with further help available to those assessed for financial hardship.

Q: When I come to the COA Centre can I bring a friend?

Yes, it is encouraged. You do not need to be registered as a member to enjoy an activity at COA,  all are welcome to join in. Each activity attracts a fee payable on the day that the activity is held. 

Q: I am not Jewish; can I still attend the COA Centre?

Of course. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are comfortable with our members occasionally celebrating Jewish holidays at the Centre.

Q: Is COA a “Home Care Package Provider”? 

No. COA does not administer home care packages and would refer you to another provider, but we do provide a delivered food service Kosher Meals-on-Wheels, which can be paid for by your package. We also provide this service to those who are still on a waiting list for their home care package, or those who are self funded retirees. 

Q: Does COA provide home assessments?

No. COA no longer provides assessments as we are no longer catering to high needs clients. If you require an assessment for services we urge you to speak to your Home Care Package provider, or Jewish Care’s Aged Care Services. 

Q: What is COAs fee for providing home care support workers?

COA no longer provides Home Support Workers, and will instead refer you to another service provider.

Q: Is Club COA (Monday & Wednesday full day program) still being offered?

Yes! Club COA is now being presented at the Burger Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays

Q: Is the Sunday Movie still being offered?

Yes! This fortnightly get together to watch a film and have afternoon tea is still being held at the Burger Centre premises in Randwick, and they are now overseeing the program. 

Q: Are Bus Outings still being offered?

Yes! Bus Outings have moved to the auspices of the Burger Centre and they will be in charge of all  programming and attendees so if you want to join the bus outing you will need to contact Burger Centre direct. If you do attend you will be picked up from home in the morning and delivered back at the end of the outing.

Q: Can I get transport on Monday and/or Wednesday, and/or Sunday?

COA Buses and drivers are moving to Burger Centre with all the activities that require transport, so you can certainly get transport to Burger Centre by contacting them and arranging your lift. 

Q: What time will the bus pick me up on Monday, and/or Wednesday, and/or Sunday?

If you are booked to have transport please be ready from 9:30am and the driver will call you 15 minutes before he arrives to give you time to get onto the street in front of you home.

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