Jack helps build our centre

Jack helps build our centre

We outgrew our rented offices in the Jewish Folk Centre. The office space available was tiny, so the vast majority of office work took place in the hall itself, and in the kitchen after lunches had been prepared for the day. The kitchen contained an old green screen computer, where many COA volunteers (including our current development officer) had their first taste of computer work.  Staff, volunteers and clients merged together, working as one in the makeshift office.

With the bequest of a building at 25 Rowe St COA separated the staff into their own office space, and the Folk Centre was used purely for social activities. But COA’s services had evolved together, so the staff felt disconnected from clients and volunteers, and we really needed a place where offices and activities could be held in one building.

With much manoeuvring and the financial support of stalwart volunteer Jack Krygier the building at 23 Rowe St was acquired, and plans were drawn up to create the COA Centre. Due to the fact that 25 Rowe St had been heritage listed we were not allowed to change the front of the building, so we retain the quaint cottage fronts of our original buildings, but they have been merged behind their facades to create our purpose built hall, with offices on a newly created upper level.

Finally COA had a home.

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