Knitter’s Windfall

COA Knitting group is growing in leaps and bounds with up to 20 people joining together to knit for the benefit of our community. The comradery and joy is palpable when these ladies get together, and there is no need to be an expert to join in the fun, as there are a wealth of skilled knitters in the group ready to help newbies learn the craft.

Recently a lovely family in Stanhope Gardens near Blacktown provided COA with 6 huge bags filled with wool in a rainbow of colours. Sandy Hotz, who volunteers as the coordinator of the group, was ecstatic when she saw this donation, and said she had already experienced sleepless nights wondering where they could find wool to continue their good work.

This gift ensures the group’s knitting needles will keep on clacking for some time to come. But if you or a family member find you have some wool laying around which you won’t be using, please drop it in to COA anytime and add to the windfall.

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