COA's knitting group has been working for over a decade making all sorts of items to give to people in need. They meet every Tuesday from 2pm - 4pm , and everyone is welcome. 

The group have contributed goods such as; blankets to fire and flood victims in Australia, New Zealand, and America; beanies to the Blue Mountains "Hats for Homelessness" campaign; knitted dollies for kids in hospital or living in poverty at home and in Africa; scarves for "Haruv" battalion of the Israeli army; knitted flowers for the "5000 Poppies" campaign to commemorate Remembrance and ANZAC Days; working with WIZO on their "Baby Bundles" project, and more.

The group comprises both experts and newbies to knitting.There is always instruction available from other knitters in the group, and in some cases people have been absolutely surprised by what they could achieve. It is  a great way to spend time with peers and meet fun creative people. So please join in, and find out what you can give back to communities all over the world with nothing more than a pair of knitting needles.

If you can't join the group but would like to help their efforts, we are always looking for donations of yarn, so please drop by any yarn you may have around the house, and help our girls continue to help others.