Kosher meals on wheels

Kosher meals on wheels

Did you know that some seniors are forced to go into residential care because they cannot prepare a meal on their own?

COA was founded so that people could remain independent in their own homes. The first service we ever provided was Kosher Meals-on-Wheels, because the inability to prepare a kosher meal on one’s own does not mean a person is now ready to be placed in care! With the addition of COA meals many seniors have been able to remain in their own homes for as long as they choose.

Who is Eligible to Order COA Meals

Everyone who needs Kosher meals is accommodated, regardless of circumstances. Meals are provided for frail, aged seniors, younger people with disability, people experiencing injury or illness, on return from hospital, during recovery, and on compassionate grounds.

COA encourages reablement so flexible options are available and long term commitment to the Kosher meals service is not required.

Easy to Arrange

Call COA during office hours. Every request for Kosher Meals is assessed individually. A large variety of meal choices are available, and changes can be made to orders with a simple call to COA. Have a look at our latest menu (above) to see what is available.

Home Delivery

Fresh meals are delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to the Eastern Suburbs. Northern suburbs and other outlying areas receive a delivery of frozen meals once a week. Deliveries are made by our friendly volunteers, who will put meals in the refrigerator or freezer and spend time with recipients.

Public Holidays: COA meals will be delivered as usual on Public Holidays

Jewish Holidays: COA will not deliver meals on a Jewish Holiday on which no work is allowed. We will instead send a double delivery on the last delivery day before the Chag. The meals team will make sure all recipients of the service are notified well in advance of any double deliveries.

Order Today!

Please contact COA on 9389 0035 to organise setting up a Kosher Meals on wheels account.

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