More on COA’s Transformation

As all our members are by now aware, some of the activities offered at the COA Centre will be moving location to the Burger Centre in Randwick, adjacent to the Montefiore buildings on Dangar Street. These will be Club COA which takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays, and COA’s Mystery Bus Outings on Tuesdays and Thursdays while a number of social activities and the provision of COA Kosher Meals-on-Wheels and COA Fresh will remain here in Woollahra.

The Burger Centre has 30 years’ experience running activities for Jewish seniors, and although the price of admission will be slightly higher, Club COA will remain much as it has been here in the COA Centre. The  Burger Centre will also be inheriting the COA buses and drivers, which means our transport for members to Club COA will remain intact with pick up and return home at the end of activities.

The main point is that all the people you know and socialise with at COA will be offered transport to the new location at Burger, and we will be offering a shuttle bus from the COA Centre if this means some of our regulars can continue to come along. If you have any queries on how this will all work, please feel free to contact COA or the Burger Centre for an answer.

We encourage you to keep coming to Club COA at Burger Centre and keep enjoying our programs on Mondays and Wednesdays. And the Sunday Movie which is much loved by a large group of regulars will be moving to Burger Centre as well as it is reliant on COA buses. But we will continue running as normal until August 31st when the changeover of location takes place, so make sure to attend if you can.

Burger Centre, unlike our current location, will not be a drop-in centre, so you will need to book your place in advance when you are planning to go along, but attendance at Burger can be paid from your Home Care Package, and this may help you enjoy a day of social and cultural connection in a modern, purpose built Centre for Jewish seniors.

COA news will continue to go to our Meals-on-Wheels and COA Fresh clients and will contain updates of the Meals program, changes of menu, and other items of interest, and the Club COA program at Burger Centre. Membership to COA will still be needed to access Kosher Meals-on-Wheels and COA Fresh services and the new offerings that are being planned. All social work enquiries for aged care clients will be forwarded to Jewish Care and only requests for Meals at home will stay with COA.

Finally, our volunteer programs will continue to run, but some will be overseen by Jewish Care or Burger Centre instead of COA. Volunteer Programs include outreach services Shalom Connect calling people at home weekly for a social chat. Tea42 visiting Jewish seniors at home for a coffee and chat, will move to Jewish Care, while Bus assistants on transport, Centre assistants and the Sunday Movie volunteers will come under the auspices of Burger Centre management.  But not all our volunteer programs are moving offsite, as COA will still be delivering food services to seniors at home, and those who provide the manpower for the Hannah Meyer Project, visiting Jewish residents in non-Jewish residential aged care, will remain under COA guidance.

The image below will give you a clear idea of where services are being housed from September onwards!

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