My Aged Care (MAC) Registration for COA Members

COA has many members receiving meals and social connection services, and these services are partially funded by the Federal Government. A few years ago the government introduced My Aged Care (aka the MAC Portal), an online application for seniors to register seniors needs for services like meals, help at home, overnight care, social support, group activities, and more.

Some COA members are already registered on MAC and only need to inform COA of their registration. But for those who are not yet registered because they do not need a service right now, or they do not need more services then they currently have, this may not be the case in the future, and being registered with MAC is the best way to address those needs. If you decide it is time to find a cleaner, MAC allows you to register for this service and even choose the service provider whom you want to deliver the service to you.

Furthermore the federal Department of Health who provides partial funding to COA and who set up the MAC Portal are asking us to ensure all COA clients and members are registered on MAC as soon as possible,  if they are receiving services or not.

Your registration is private and secure – in other words you will not be contacted b the government directly, in fact the only people who will contact you are service providers like COA, and then only if you have chosen to start a service with them through the MAC Portal.

We appreciate that some older COA members and clients may not feel comfortable registering for MAC online. If this is your situation contact us today and one of our helpful staff will help you register with MAC and show you how to register a request for service.

To register with MAC go to and choose to start your assessment for services which are offered through the Commonwealth Home Support Program. This page also offers information on different services for seniors such as Home Care Packages, as well as being the place to register your service requirements.

You have nothing to loose by being part of the system, your registration is completely confidential, and COA staff can support you to create an online request for services through MAC when you feel you need  something more.

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