On Monday 23rd May members and volunteers gathered at our AGM as the Hon Treasurer Barry Phillips, President Frank Marks, Hon Secretary Roni Vandor and Acting CEO Sabina Kovadlo presented their annual reports on how 2021 went for COA in terms of activities offered, services delivered, and financial health.

In an unusual turn of events, there was no need for an election at this year’s AGM, as our existing Management Committee members had all elected to remain on the Committee with no challenges from other candidates. In effect this means that the 2022 Committee will be made up of the same people in the same roles as 2021. For a full description of COA’s Committee and Executive Committee please see our website www.coasydney.org/Who we are/Our team/Management Committee.

Finally we came to the part of this event which is most appreciated by our members—the presentation of our              Volunteer of the Year Award and Life Memberships

This year those honoured were:

Our coveted Volunteer of the Year Award was given  to James Hill, a stalwart volunteer, who for many years ensured that our Kosher Meal’s-on-Wheels service is  delivered to the North, South, West and Inner City Suburbs of Sydney. From his home-made "COA delivery hat", to his modest nature, he has been everything you would want from a delivery volunteer:  reliable, friendly and concerned for his clients, which made him a unanimous choice for this award.



George Freund, one of our current Vice-Presidents, and a much loved Past President of COA from 2012-2017, was presented with a Life Membership. George never stops giving back to this organisation and has his own desk in the office where he can be found two days a week. He follows the footsteps of his father Leslie Freund who was also a volunteer at COA for many years, arranging our roster of speakers. George has ensured his children and grandchildren will follow him by encouraging their volunteering for COA Fresh and our Kosher Meal delivery service.


David Brem, a transport driver and host of our Mystery Bus Outings received a Life Membership. Although a paid member of staff, David, and partner Stefanie, volunteer numerous hours catering in the COA kitchen, and helping with problems in the Centre, vehicle maintenance, and generally making himself available for any extra duties which are needed by COA, always going the extra mile.



Finally we showed our thanks to Patricia Segal, a long time member of COA, and occasional participant in our Tuesday Art Class. In 2020 Patricia donated funds for the refurbishment of our Centre, but at the time, with COVID raging around us, the far more important expense was Personal Protective Equipment - masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, and cleaning/sanitising products for use in the Centre and at peoples homes. Patricia graciously permitted us to redirect her donation for this purpose, and we in return created a Gold Leaf on the COA Tree of Life to thank her. This is the first time we could get together to present Patricia with her Gold Leaf.