After months of lockdown the moment is here, COA will be opening its doors again on Monday 11th October. This is huge news for the members, friends, staff and volunteers of COA, but of course we will be gradual about the opening, as we do not want to put any individual at risk.

So from 11th October the following conditions will be in effect for anyone coming to activities at COA;

  • Individuals MUST book their attendance at the COA Centre - 9389 0035 or 8376 5051
  • Proof of double COVID vaccination, or original doctors exemption letter (not a copy) required on entry to the Centre
  • Scan our QR code or give name and phone number on entry to Centre
  • Allow COA staff to check your temperature on entry
  • Do not come in if you feel unwell, have a fever and/or display any cold or flu symptoms
  • Masks and hand sanitiser must be used when in the Centre: on entry to Centre, before food consumption, after attending the restroom, and after making tea/coffee at our kitchenette
  • Social Distancing of 4 meters per person which means a maximum of 30 people in Centre Hall, and a maximum of 10 people in the Activity Room on Level 1
  • No dancing while standing up, but movement in seats is acceptable

Transport will also be available once again, but the bus is limited to 5 persons per trip maximum, so it may take longer than previously to get into the Centre.