Current:  January & February 2020



Our Newsletter includes articles of interest about COA, its members and volunteers. Three pages are dedicated to our program of entertainment, activities and events for the upcoming two months, and are a great reference if you want to know what is going on at COA on any particular day.


With the help of our volunteers, Newsletters are sent out every two months. This is a time when COA becomes a hive of activity, and everyone who walks in the door is asked to get involved in the packing and sorting of over 1500 newsletters which go all over Sydney, with some travelling as far as Papua New Guinea.


We are always looking for interesting contributions. If you have a story to be told or an idea which may be of interest to our members, friends and donors, please bring them into the Centre or send them along to COA. Include photos, and if it is published we will also print your name as the contributor.


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