When a Senior falls the results can be devastating

Statistics show that falls are a leading cause of severe injury and death, particularly amongst older people. Part of the reason falls are so often life changing is because people do not get help immediately, and may be unable to get up for many hours before someone “finds” them. Falls are preventable by being careful and knowing how to get up after a fall, but accidents can happen at any time, and even the most practised senior may have a serious fall.

Fall detection alarms are favoured by many at risk people when they are at home. They simply wear a waterproof “call button” on a wrist strap or pendant, which is pushed to alert an emergency team if the person has fallen. These call buttons are also available with a special feature which automatically sends an alert if the person falls, without having to press the button.

COA offers a reduced rate of installation for members who choose the Calamity fall detection alarm system. Please contact COA social workers for more information, and to arrange installation of a CALAMITY fall detection system in your home.