Every time we hold the Showcase of Jewish Artists (previously known as the ABC Exhibition) the exhibition becomes more diverse and interesting, with works from artists young and old, professional artists and hobbyists, with all types of mediums and formats presented. Some pieces are confronting, some are comforting, but all reflect the multifaceted Jewish community of Sydney.

We will be hosting our next exhibition from Sunday 28th May to Sunday 4th June 2023 and it will once again be held in the B’nai B’rith NSW Centre at Shalom College on Barker St, Randwick. It is a true joy to work closely with the B’nai B’rith NSW on this event and we are grateful for their collaboration and efforts, with staff from both organisations volunteering their time to ensure that after hours events, such as the metalwork workshop, go forward without a hitch, and that Sunday exhibition days were offered for the community to come and view.

Until the 21st April we are calling for submissions from all the artists in our community, so that the creatives amongst us can show their works, and the art lovers amongst us can enjoy a wide array of styles and subjects! This is really a communal project and an opportunity for everyone to get involved, so if you fall into the creative category, or know someone who does, please download the application pdf linked at the end of this article and get it back to us prior to the deadline on 21st April with pictures of your works for the shows curators to choose from.

We are inviting you all to attend the exhibition from Sunday 28 May to Sunday 4th June, with some great events planned around the exhibition, and the display open form 10:30am to 4pm daily except for early close on Friday 2nd June and total closure on Shabbat 3rd June.

Please view photographs from the 2021 exhibition to inspire you to contribute artworks and attend the showcase this year, and we look forward to seeing your applications and welcoming you to the show in May/June.

Pictures from 2021 Opening Day

Pictures from 2021 Metal Workshop

Pictures from 2021 Still Life Workshop

Pictures of some of the artists with their work in 2021

2023 Showcase Application to Submit Artworks