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Since March 2016 we have held art classes at the COA Centre run by trained art therapist Jennifer Hardy who has been a true inspiration to the students attending each week.

The classes occasionally include large group lessons using different media, such as watercolor, pencil or charcoal, as well as trying different techniques like line drawing, negative space exercises and portraiture. But most often the students work on their own pieces, either complete originals or copying known works of art. Unlike many other disciplines, in the art world copying another persons work is considered a homage rather than plagiarism. But even when copying other works our artists bring their own style to each unique piece.

Over the years the group have created amazing art works which are displayed around the Centre, such       as our Jewish festivals triptych hung in the main hall, or the collage of individual canvases in the office kitchenette on level 1. They have also participated in our regular art shows held with B’nai B’rith NSW.

Recently Jennifer has collected and collated art works  created by her COA students and produced blank greeting cards which are perfect for any occasion. Jennifer will arrange to print these cards in early 2023  with artist names on the back of each card.

If you are interested in purchasing these beautiful cards for all the festivals and simchas coming up in 2023, they are priced at $5 for a single card and $20 for a set of 5 cards, (you choose either religious images or secular images), and can be ordered with Lea at COA reception for delivery in January 2023..

Your purchase will help fund future art classes so that anyone who wants to explore the skills and disciplines of art has the opportunity to do so at the COA Centre. Contact us on 9389 0035 to purchase our cards or join our art classes on Tuesday or Wednesday at COA.

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