Upright Garden with thanks to Waverley Council

In August we launched a new initiative to create a stand-up herb garden, for COA members to plant in and take cuttings from each week, with gardening equipment and plants provided through a Grant from Waverley Council.

The garden is conveniently located in on the front terrace of COA’s building in Woollahra, and planting sessions take place on Monday mornings when the weather is clear as part of Club COA, but members can take cuttings of fresh herbs to spice up their cooking at home.

The inaugural planting session  was well attended and those joining in  enjoyed flexing their green fingers, and chatting together over coffee. When you are next at COA on a Monday, come along and enjoy the coffee, the comradery, and the sheer delight of making things grow in COA’s stand-up garden.

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