Volunteer Thank You Party 2023

COA Volunteers are the most dedicated and exceptional group of people, with a winning combination of chutzpah, compassion, commitment and enthusiasm.

They freely give hundreds of hours to the community in all sorts of ways: lighting candles at non Jewish residential aged care facilities as part of the Hannah Meyer Project; calling lonely and housebound members each week; delivering meals and other food services to peoples homes; helping provide companionship and care in the COA Centre; assisting bus drivers transporting our members home or on outings; and providing overall governance of the organisation.

COA cannot express its gratefulness to  volunteers’ for their unswerving loyalty to it’s members and encourages them to continue their good work for our seniors. And their effort is recognised by the greater community. Below is the text of a letter sent to our volunteers by Allegra Spender MP to congratulate them on their work:

Dear COA Sydney Community,

As the Federal Member of Parliament representing our wonderful community, I am delighted to have the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the incredible volunteers who generously give their time and energy to support COA Sydney’s invaluable work. Your dedication and selflessness make a profound difference in the lives of those in need, and I am truly inspired by your unwavering commitment.

The heart of COA Sydney beats thanks to the extraordinary efforts of volunteers like you. Whether you are sorting and driving for Kosher Meals-on- Wheels, delivering the COA Fresh fruit and vegetable bags to those most in need, or engaging in other acts of kindness such as visiting hospitals or participating in the knitting club, your contributions touch the lives of many in our community.

It is amazing the difference that you can make by simply getting involved – so thank you.

I hope to see you at a COA event soon.

Allegra Spender MP
Federal Member for Wentworth

President Ilona Lee AM described the changing nature of COA with an assurance that we are not ending services, but rather beginning a new chapter filled with promise, and that volunteers will be as needed in the future as they ever were.

But this year’s party held a sad note as we said a formal farewell to our much loved volunteer coordinator Ranmalie De Silva. COA staff and volunteers are truly grateful for her support over the last year.

To view pictures from the night please go to the event album on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/coasydney/photos_albums

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