Volunteer Thank You Party

In the last two years we have been forced to forego many much anticipated events, and our annual Thank You party was one of them. But in May, with new hope for a return to normal, COA threw caution to the wind and invited our volunteers to celebrate.

It was a simple affair organised by Volunteer Coordinator Sam Peirson a few weeks prior to her leaving COA, and the event was run by the staff of COA, who catered for the party, tended bar, and delivered food and drinks, while our volunteers were asked to sit back and enjoy the live music from Eddie Bronson, joined on occasion by vocalist Mordechai Levin.

It was the staff’s way of telling our volunteers that their passion and energy are phenomenal, we are in awe of these individuals, and so grateful to have every one of them in our organisation aiding our work in the community. Their contributions make tangible differences in people’s lives every day, and that is real tzedakah, a true mitzvah.

Pictured L-R: COA Volunteers Sue Mcartney, Judy Amzalek, Natasha Gehrmann, and Roy & Anne Butt.

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