Supporting COA is supporting the independence of seniors in the Jewish community - those who do not wish to live in residential care facilities, those who want to use their life skills to create better outcomes for their peers, those who want to drop-in to a seniors center when they choose without booking in advance. 

Supporting COA is supporting choice for seniors in our community, widening the range of services and places available for their enjoyment, allowing seniors flexibility and freedom in their recreation and cultural observances. 

Supporting COA is supporting connection to peers, to a full range of at home and center based services, to culture, to a family of friends and peers who come together weekly and daily at the COA Centre to share activities, experiences, celebrations, and comradery of shared heritage and history.


Making a donation to COA is simple.

Complete your donation via this webpage or you can choose to call us or email to make your donation to Jackie Ryker today on;

Phone: 8367 5051

Email: [email protected]