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What happens when a senior has no family to make a minyan for them at their passing?

It can be stressful to find enough people in the congregation who can help, and heartbreaking if there are not enough men found to complete this most important religious commitment.

At COA, our community initiative will try to avoid this situation. A club of sorts. A group of male volunteers, made from the various congregations in Sydney, who will exist in a consolidated WhatsApp group, administered by COA.

They are the group we can call upon to make a minyan when someone passes.

They are Sydney’s MINYAN MEN.

Minyan Men will be of significant assistance to the community and for the purposes of saying kaddish.

Volunteers will feel part of a special group, giving them purpose and meaning. It is especially beneficial for retirees and seniors.

This group is to be called together for funerals, burials and shiva houses.

There is no catch.

  • No spamming.
  • No money involved.
  • No compensation, e,g, petrol for travel.
  • No indemnity or liability e.g. car/health issues while travelling.
  • No further obligations upon volunteers.

Just. The. Mitzvah.

Become a Minyan Man simply by joining the What’sApp Group. 

Click here.

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