Drop In Centre 

Normally there is no need to book for a day at COA, check our program of activities and come along to whatever suits you. We close the Centre for Jewish Holidays and Public Holidays but otherwise we will be open and waiting for you. 

Large and Small Groups

We provide a huge variety of small group activities, and larger groups are held on Monday and Wednesday each week at a cost of $10 for the day at COA. Transport is available for those who require it at $5 for a return trip form your home to the Centre.

Smaller groups include:

  • Mystery Outings on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Art Class
  • Knitting Group
  • Bridge
  • Sunday Movies 
  • Shiurim

If you have an idea for a weekly activity which is not on the list above, please contact us and make suggestions. 

Family of Friends

Over 200 people visit COA each week, some of them come in every day. We refer to our members as a "Family of Friends" and together we celebrate their birthdays, milestones, special events, and we  also commemorate their losses - just as a family should. 

Some people have reconnected with schoolmates and old friends in the Centre, and some have made new friends for their older age right here. Together they experience the highs and lows of life as a senior and enjoy each others company.  

Transport on Monday / Wednesday / Sunday

Transport for larger group activities available to members who require it at $5 for a return trip from their home the Centre.