In-Kind Contributions

There are three ways people can donate to COA –  by providing money, by leaving a legacy gift, or by providing in-kind contributions.

In-kind contributions are any donations other than money or legacy gifts. Individuals or businesses can donate goods and services to COA.  Your business may have perishable products that might go waste, or slow-moving products that might take up shelf space or storage space that could be better utilised.

For example, bagels, fruit and other food are often donated to supplement the meals-on-wheels distributed by COA, or used for the in-house meals provided in the activity centre.

Other products can be donated to help us with our functions, such as prizes for our trivia night, bingo, or our dinner club raffles. Or perhaps movie tickets or other items that can be given to our volunteers to recognise their contributions. Or you may be able to donate something that is needed to improve the services of COA to its clients- maybe a new dishwasher for the kitchen, perhaps a new bus to improve our transport options, or even pens and writing pads to use at bridge, bingo and other activities.

Your business can meet its corporate social responsibility by donating services that are needed at COA, beyond the services you could provide as a volunteer through your own personal exertion. For example, maybe your staff could be provided pro-bono to help us improve our processes and procedures, or to be helpers at an evening or weekend event.

We can provide a tax deductible receipt for the monetary value of any properties provided as in-kind support. If you would like to make an in-kind contribution to COA, please contact our operations manager Sabina Kovadlo on 9389 0035 or

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