Volunteers are visionaries! They aren’t impractical but they are idealists who have the creativity to envision a better world. Volunteers believe in the power of people and the possibility of change, change for the better.

Volunteers labour for the good of others; and work for the wellbeing of their community. In short, they care. And just as the most admirable forms of care are practiced not for money but out of genuine concern, the volunteer receives no monetary reward for their labour; it is offered without expectation of recompense, under no terms, and with no caveats. COA volunteers are not paid, because they are simply priceless!

Volunteers are enthusiasts. Volunteers attach themselves to causes that are close to their hearts, and devote their time and resources to them. This sets a positive example for others, fosters strength and resilience, and inspires spirit within the community.

Volunteers are awesome individuals for whom accolades are not as important as the work they do for others.


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