COA is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organisation for Jewish seniors.


Our mission is to support and enable Jewish seniors to be able to continue living independently in their homes and maintaining quality of life with dignity.


COA provides a range of services for Jewish seniors of Sydney by providing social interaction, community involvement and access to services for those in need of care in their homes, and a variety of activities specially designed to enhance their health, well-being, and quality of life.


  • Family: COA is our members' home away from home. We prioritise a welcoming atmosphere emphasising family, friendship, and community.
  • Culture: COA facilitates our members' connection to a shared Jewish culture and identity
  • Support: COA provides both practical and moral supports to seniors in the community by ensuring they don't go without essential needs, including food, domestic and personal assistance, a financial safety net, and social supports.  We design services so seniors can grow older independently.
  • Care: COA provides a safe environment where people feel respected. We build trust by showing empathy, warmth, and inclusivity.


  • Delivered kosher meals at affordable prices
  • Centre-based social and educational activities
  • Social recreational outings
  • Assessment of individual needs of members
  • Practical assistance, information and financial subsidy where applicable
  • Referral, where appropriate, to other organisations, bodies, agencies and government departments for domiciliary care services and counselling. In the event that a particular service is not available elsewhere, we will endeavour to provide it