Moadon Art Show 2023

Moadon, owners of the Jewish Folk Centre in Rowe Street, are all about community, especially Hebrew and Yiddish speaking community members. They run events through the year for native Israeli’s and have been supporting Hebrew speakers for 40 years. Recently the Moadon held their annual Community Art Show where members can show off their creative talents and perhaps even sell their artworks.

The Folk Centre hall was packed with bright and beautiful creations in a vast array of styles. People walking the room had animated conversations around some of the art pieces and all in all the day was a huge success.

At this special event COA set up a table to promote our Tuesday art classes and sell packs of greeting cards made by students who attend the art classes regularly. The stall was manned by teacher Jennifer Hardy and students. Thank you to the Moadon for letting COA set up the table, and to those who came and chatted with COA representatives during the art show.

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