COA Appeal

Making a donation to COA is simple. Currently online donations to COA are not possible, but please call us or email to make your donation today. Read more

Cosmopolitan Alexandria

Join COA, The Australian Egyptian Forum Council, and OBK for a memorable evening of celebration Alexandrian style with live music, great food, art exhibition, and guest speaker Dr Racheline Barda OAM. Read more

Centre Program

A monthly calendar of activities and events at the COA Centre. Drop in any time to enjoy the comradery of your COA family of friends. Read more

Management Committee

COA is governed by a a board whose members are very hands on, providing daily support to staff and help with all the activities of our organisation. They also meet monthly to decide our strategies going forward and ensure COA is financially and legally secure. Read more

What can I do on the Internet?

We are encouraging seniors to go online to entertain themselves, but what do you want to do when you get there? Read more

Men Living to 100 and Beyond

People are living longer, and more men than ever are reaching the 100 year mark. Read more