Attention to all our members and friends, COA’s knitting group is now being on held at the Centre on Wednesday from 2-4pm, and is free for all participants. This is great news for those knitters in our community who could not join us on Tuesdays and were missing the comradery and fun of getting together to knit or crochet simple squares for blankets, simple patterns such as beanies, or more complex patterns.

Led by amazing COA member Sandy Hotz, a woman with a healthy dose of humour and old fashioned chutzpah, many have come to knitting group without ever having cast a stitch before, and have quickly learned the basics and started to help create soft dollies, blankets, scarves, beanies, and more.

There are always worthwhile knitting and crochet projects that the group are working on, and all  the goods created are donated to support various causes in the wider community; from kids in the children's hospital to victims of flood, earthquake and fire here and overseas.

Our knitters are not just looking for new members to join their group, they are also seeking donations of wool, ribbon, knitting needles, crochet hooks etc. You can drop these donations to COA from Monday to Friday and all donations are greatly appreciated.