Staff and volunteers erected the COA Sukkah just in time for the Chag. It was decorated by talented young artist, Ellie Clifford. It was stocked with fruit, cakes,  and grape juice by our Chief Operations Officer, Sabina Kovadlo. The Lulav and Etrog were provided by Volunteer Coordinator Robbie Clifford.

And it was lovely. Just walking into the space felt like a breath of fresh air; pictures of Israel on every wall helped us feel connected to ha’ aretz and our members were encouraged to make the blessing and sit for a time in the quiet colourful open-air sanctuary.

We are grateful to all those who gave their time and skills to make our Sukkah, and hope that all those members who came to make the blessing felt the love that went into its production. You can check our Facebook page to see photos of many of the people who passed through during the week of Sukkot.