Bridge is lauded for seniors as it combines problem solving skills, the satisfaction of competition, and engaging social interaction, to create a stimulating pastime which increases friendship circles and sharpens the mind. Those seniors who have taken up Bridge later in life and made it part of their weekly routine report a positive change in short-term memory and greater capacity to problem solve. Regular play has also been reported  to combat depression and increase social activity.

So come play with us and feel the benefits.

As of October 6th COA’s Bridge game is moving from its traditional Friday morning slot to Thursdays from 1-3pm. Come on your own, bring your regular partner, or bring a table of people. And if you are new to the game, have no fear, our volunteer conveyors are waiting to teach you the skills you need to start your journey into better mental health and expanded social connections. 

Cost is $5 per person for COA members and $10 per person for non members.